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Unique well covers adapted to your needs - an easy and attractive solution


In addition to the attractive and neutral design the well covers disguise your wells while still allowing access.

Well covers

If you also do not want to compromise on design or functionality, you should look at our large range of covers etc.


If you provide us with information, we will be delighted to prepare a quote.

The finishing touch for your paving

Jesmig Brønddæksler is pleased to present a practical and modern alternative to conventional covers. Jesmig Brønddæksler® offers an attractive and neutral design.

The practical coating of the drain grates makes it virtually impossible for debris and dry leaves to penetrate, thus minimising the risk of clogging.

A clever solution to an age-old challenge

The detail that makes the difference for your well covers

We pay attention to every last detail and do not compromise on anything. If you also do not want to compromise in terms of design and functionality, you should experience our exciting range of well covers, grates, etc. Also check out our accessories page.

Jesmig Brønddæksler - adapted to your needs

Tired of visible well covers? Get an attractive and easy solution

Sewer covers

We specialise in designing and producing covers that blend in with the surroundings, allowing you to almost completely disguise your well covers.

Drain grates

We also make drain grates which are special in that keys, toys and other items cannot fall into the well. See more under drain grates.

Channel grates

With our modern channel grates, you no longer have to worry about dropping keys, coins or other items through the grate.


We offer a range of accessories for covers and grates Read more on the page or contact us for further information.