Jesmig Flydende skørt ø425

Jesmig Floating Cover Skirt

A cover skirt is the piece which is lowered into the well to affix the cover to the well. This allows the cover to be ”locked” in the most attractive position such that the cover is disguised.

The Jesmig Floating Cover Skirt allows well cover displacement of up to 5 cm, allowing it to be adjusted to the paving in and around the cover.

Floating cover skirts are installed as accessories for our cover frame.

Jesmig Cover Skirts are available in sizes ø315, ø425 and ø600.

brøndkegle nedskåret

Cover plate

A cover plate is used where the upper well ring (or cone) sits proud of the paving.

A straight piece is cut off the cone and the cover plate is installed and affixed to the well frame. Then the cover ordered with the cover plate is installed.

The cover plate is available in two versions.

Jesmig Tætningslister

Sealing strips

Sealing strips are used to seal the covers, which removes nearly all odours. Sealing strips are typically used for internal covers and externally if the cover is on the terrace.

Sealing strips are available in three versions.

Jesmig Dækseljern

Lifting equipment

Cover irons are used to lift small covers by hand. Two cover irons are required to lift one cover.

For heavier lifting, cover hooks are available, to enable lifting the cover by crane.

Cover irons and cover hooks are ordered and delivered individually.


Cover hooks

Used when the large, heavy covers are to be lifted by crane or other lifting tool. The cover hooks are ordered in sets of 2 pcs.