Jesmig Brønddæksler® will produce any external drain grate


An external drain grate is not just a drain grate. A very large number of different grates are available in various sizes and materials. Over time, our unique drain grates have found their way into a lot of parks, gardens and driveways nationwide. Now you, too, can invest in our clever solutions.

We specialise in designing and making drain grates that blend in with the surroundings. This means that the drain grate becomes ”invisible”.

The biggest challenge related to standardised and mass-produced drain grates is that their style does not match all gardens, driveways, public areas, etc. That is why we have specialised in tailormade products that naturally fit in, whatever the paving.

The grates are available in the following categories:

  • T0 & T1 (A15) for gardens and driveways for, e.g., passenger vehicles
  • T3 (B125) for larger loads from vans and small trucks

Jesmig Drain Grates are available with or without a permeable pebble mix coating made from small stone chippings which have been bonded with glue to make a firm, solid mass.

They have been tested and approved by the Danish Technological Institute.

A drain grate with a permeable coating allows water drainage of approx. 1.4 L/sec.

Refer to the figure below for the installation of Jesmig Drain Grates.

Monterings-vejledning Jesmig Brønddæksler

The figure below shows a good way to install a floating skirt.

Montering og brug af Jesmig Flydende skørt

Jesmig tagnedløbsrist T0-50-170
Drain grates/drain pipes
Jesmig Afløbsrist T1-50G
Drain grate Type T1, T2 & T3

Brønddæksler er afprøvet og godkendt efter DS/EN124 Teknologisk Institut samt registreret under EU’s Varemærker og Design No. 001641408-0001.