There is a cover for every need

An effective and attractive cover solution is an old challenge

In our view, a conventional cover is not particularly attractive, and they are often placed in the driveway or close to the front door, offending the eye with their rusty exterior. ”Why was there no better solution available”?

This was what engineer Jesper Walter-Rasmussen kept asking himself when, as a sewer and drains specialist, he was out on consulting jobs around the country.

His response is now the basis for Jesmig Brønddæksler® which produces sewer and well covers, drain grates, channel grates and access covers using a unique concept for private customers, corporate clients and public installations.

Since realising our unique concept, we have serviced a large number of happy customers who are still very pleased with our products.

Many benefits from Jesmig Brønddæksler®

  • They are easy to install and maintain
  • They offer unrivalled durability
  • They feature a stylish and modern design

The classic solution consists of a cover with a frame and a skirt. The parts are easy to install when following the simple guidelines available here on the website under ”Documentation”. We can also, of course, assist with the installation of the cover.

Jesmig Brønddæksler® – a Danish product throughout

Jesmig Brønddæksler® is owned and run by Jesper Walter-Rasmussen, a former engineering consultant.