Jesmig Channel Grates with Jesmig pebble mix is an easy and attractive solution

With our modern channel grate, you no longer have to worry about dropping keys, coins or other items into the grate. Jesmig Channel Grates prevents this from happening with its cast-in water permeable pebble mass. Our well-designed channel grates are suitable for use with most drainage channels.

With Jesmig Channel Grates you never have to worry about blocked sewers again

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If you notice that leaves or cigarette ends accumulate under your grate or drainage channel, you should invest in a grate which will easily and effectively prevent clogging. Jesmig Channel Grates are not just an attractive and simple solution. You will also save considerable time and will no longer need to worry about when the drain will clog up again. This concern will be a thing of the past as soon as you have a Jesmig Channel Grate installed.

Jesmig Brønddæksler® offers channel grates in many sizes. You can see more technical data here.

Our quality assurance requirements are very high, to ensure that you get the very best channel grates. Everything has been thought through to the last detail.

Jesmig Channel Grates can be supplied with pebble mass in a variety of standard colours such as black, red, charcoal and grey.

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Jesmig Channel Grates provide a wealth of benefits and we also offer level grates and drain grates for the discerning and quality-conscious customer.

Level access with the Jesmig Level Grate

Level access is often required in front of entrance doors and garden doors. This, however, requires the creation of an air vent to prevent humidity building up in the foundations.

Jesmig Planrist

Jesmig Level Grates are a good alternative to conventional grating along buildings, outside entranceways, etc. This prevents the accumulation of leaves, cigarette ends, etc., as such items cannot enter the grate. The result is a reduction in general maintenance.

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Jesmig Channel Grates with pebble mix
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Jesmig Channel Grates with pebble mix


Permeable pebble mass

The Jesmig Channel Grate features a cast-in fine pebble mass with grain sizes 4-8 mm.

This pebble mass is mixed with a special epoxy glue in a ratio which maintains the load capacity while optimising permeability. The pebble mass has been tested with the Jesmig Drain Grate at Danish Technological Institute, test report no. 638662.

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Brønddæksler er afprøvet og godkendt efter DS/EN124 Teknologisk Institut samt registreret under EU’s Varemærker og Design No. 001641408-0001.