Sewer covers


Disguise your wells with a sewer cover from Jesmig Brønddæksler®

Are you looking for attractive and functional sewer covers? Then you have come to the right page.

Jesmig sewer covers are special in that they can be integrated naturally in such a way to be barely noticeable. Our sewer covers can be installed in any setting, such as your driveway or the public car park. Nearly everything is possible with our flexible solutions.

Sewer covers for private and commercial customers

Jesmig Brønddæksler® are supplied to both private and commercial customers.

One of the greatest benefits of Jesmig Brønddæksler® is that the covers can be adapted to almost any paving type and set of surroundings. You should consider this if you also do not like visible covers. Check out our range of sewer covers.

Banish the sight of ugly sewer covers

We do not think that conventional sewer covers do any favours to private gardens or for that matter the local park. That is why Jesmig Brønddæksler® designs and produces a range of modern and neutral covers.

Jesmig Brønddæksler® caters for a variety of load categories

  • T0 and T1 (A15) for gardens and driveways for, e.g., passenger vehicles
  • T3 and T4 (B125) for larger loads with vans and small trucks
  • T5 and T6 are suited to public areas and roads

The guidelines above help you identify the ideal solution, regardless of whether the project deals with a garden, a drive, a car park or something else entirely.

Buying and installation guidelines

You can review the figures below before ordering from Jesmig Brønddæksler®.

Monterings-vejledning Jesmig Brønddæksler

How to install a Jesmig cover on a plastic well

We recommend the use of a floating skirt. See the figure below.

Montering og brug af Jesmig Flydende skørt

Installation and use of Jesmig Floating Skirt.

Jesmig kloakdæksler i klinkebelægning
Covers/roof drains

Guidelines regarding Jesmig sewer covers

Guidelines for installation of Jesmig Brønddæksler® products 

Jesmig covers are made of cast iron which is then corrosion-protected via galvanising, which renders them rust-free. Remember to not damage the galvanising, as rust will otherwise occur at the point of damage. Any damage must be cleaned and treated with special paint. An alternative is metal paint from Hammerite.

As we do not know in advance what paving will be used in the cover, we have agreed with the Danish Technological Institute to load test the covers without paving. This results in covers that are somewhat sturdier than necessary. For example, a supposed 1.5 ton rated cover will be able to tolerate 3-4 tons, and the 12.5 ton cover will tolerate 25-30 tons when the paving slabs/blocks are cast in according to our recommendations.

Jesmig Brønddæksler i københavns lufthavn CBH Kastrup

Brønddæksler er afprøvet og godkendt efter DS/EN124 Teknologisk Institut samt registreret under EU’s Varemærker og Design No. 001641408-0001.