Covers in the lawn

Jesmig Brønddæksler® also supplies covers which can be sewn with grass in order to ”disguise” it in the lawn. It will still, of course, be possible to access the wells in case of problems.

During dry spells, however, it will be necessary to water the grass cover.

As a special feature, these covers have holes on the underside to allow the water to trickle through, thus avoiding the grass drowning.

Jesmig Brønddæksler® makes grass covers in 2 sizes, both with a height of 75 mm to allow for a sufficient amount of nutritious soil to keep the grass alive.

If you wish to see an installation guide and how a grass cover can be integrated, you can visit this page Jesmig Brønddæksel installation guide for lawn.

Jesmig dæksler med græs
Grass covers ø315 and ø425
Grass covers ø600

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